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Fundraising Discount Cards Sample

Give Fundraising Discount Cards a Try - You'll Be Glad You Did!

If your church or school organization has never given fundraising discount cards a chance, now may be the time.  Churches, school groups and other non-profit organizations have to rely on donations from others and their own resources to raise the money needed for various items, trips, improvements, etc.  Over the years there have been many products and activities that have become common for raising money, and they all work to some degree.  However, fundraising discount cards are ultimately the best because they offer value to the customer, are easy to sell and are incredibly profitable.

Those who aren't familiar with fundraising discount cards may be curious as to what they are and how they work.  Basically, the cards have your organization's name and logo on the front, with offers provided by 12 to 15 merchants on the back.  Many of the merchants are those that are local to your own are, others are national chains like Subway or Domino's Pizza.  These merchants offer various savings such as $1 off, 10% off or buy-one-get-one-free offers, and are good for one year from the date of purchase.  Essentially, the customer can save a substantial amount of money by using the card at these merchants' over the course of a year, and they can use the cards multiple times at the same merchant since there are no limits.

Fundraising discount cards sell for $10, which is easily afforded by most people today even when their budget is tight.  People will spend money when they know they will save more than they spend, versus spending $2 on a candy bar that won't be around by the time you are around the corner and on to the next house.  Of course, the more cards your organization orders the higher your profit margin, but you can easily raise thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.  How long would it take you to raise that kind of money with most of the other common methods you have used in the past?  A long time, no doubt.

Your group will also enjoy the fact that there is no hard work or weeks-in-advance planning involved in this method of fundraising.  If you have ever put together a cookbook, you know it involves a lot of work, more than most participants want to get saddled down with.  Even holding a bake sale is a lot of work, considering the time and effort you spend hauling tables and chairs to the location, baking the goods, wrapping and pricing them and laying them all out when it comes time to sell.  Not so with fundraising discount cards!

Another nice thing about fundraising discount cards is that you keep most of the money in your own local community, and this helps stimulate the economy in your area.  Not only does your group benefit by the amazing profits, the customer enjoys real value and the merchant benefits through increased business and new customers who might not have come in if it hadn't been for the savings on the card.  All the way around, fundraising discount cards are simply a good way to meet the needs of the community as a whole.

You can wash cars, hold bake sales in the parking lot of the local supermarket, sell church or school cookbooks, have gigantic multiple-family yard sales and do all of the things you normally would and still benefit by selling fundraising discount cards.  Your group doesn't have to limit the products you sell or the activities you participate in to raise the money you need, and adding something extra in to the mix just increases the odds that you will raise all of the funds you need.  Give fundraising discount cards a try; we think you'll be glad you did, especially when you see the money you need rolling in at an incredible pace!